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PRINCEWILL speaking on BOY NEXT DOOR – Patral

Mary P Enwereaku speaking on BOY NEXT DOOR

PPSpeakS3 Grand Awards Ceremony will hold on Oct 6, 2018 at CIU Anfi 3, North Cyprus, at 10am.

1. PATRAL is an acronym for PROF Akinola Transforming Lives.
2. It is a Not-for-Profit entity.
3. It has over 20 members from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Congo, Cameroon etc.
4. Vision: To link people from where they are to where they desire to be.
5. Motto: Links and Bridges.’
6. PATRAL seminars, conferences, coaching programs and other events are designed to help facilitate the vision.
7. The President of PATRAL is Akinola A. Babatunde.

About PATRAL Project Speak
1. PATRAL Project Speak (PPSpeak) is a public speaking talent hunt and contest tagged ‘iSpeak & iNspire’. The event determines the best English public speaker in North Cyprus. The title for this winning position is called PATRAL Premier Orator (PPO). Sean Nota, a Zimbabwean from EUL was the winner in 2016. Ruth Alabi, a CIU Nigerian student won the title in 2017. We are about to find out who will win in 2018.

2. The project is designed to train and ensure contestants become character conscious, articulate, charismatic and confident speakers.

3. Season one & two were successfully held in 2016 (for about six week) & 2017 (for about eight weeks), respectively. Season three holds from Sept 17-29, 2018 (two weeks).

4. The contestants are trained in the art of public speaking, with special focus on listening skills, audience dynamics, speech organization, and speech delivery.

5. There is also a personal development and effectiveness training taught at the academy and the topics include personal branding, impact of choices, improvement strategies, goals setting and implementation, etc.

6. PPSpeak Season 3 has 24 contestants registered from 4 universities in North Cyprus: CIU, NEU, GAU and EUL.

7. The contestants are from 6 nationalities: Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Congo, Lebanon, and Gambia. They will be involved in several speaking engagements for two weeks ranging from selected tioics to impromptu speeches and debates.

8. Judges at PPSpeak Season 3 are:
– Evidence Ahayere: Nigerian (Permanent Judge)
– Tonderai Ruwa: Zimbawean (Permanent Judge)
– Zanete Garanti: Latvian (Guest Judge)
– Alexandria Prima: Belarussian (Guest Judge)
– Taffie Gorogodo: Zimbabwean (Guest Judge)

9. Most importantly, contestants are trained not to compete with fellow humans. They are trained to always set new records and compete with themselves to beat that record always. Competing with people may not bring out the best in you in a healthy way. This not only applicable to PPSpeak but to life in general.

10. PPSpeakS3 Grand Awards Ceremony will hold on Oct 6, 2018 at CIU Anfi 3, North Cyprus, at 10am.



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