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Buhari/Jibril Saga – Why Every ‘Patriotic’ Nigerian Must Show Concern About Nigeria’s Present Predicament

If Buhari is not dead, he should have shown up himself publicly.

Why should BUHARI’S wife and family not come out and blaster and shame these ‘rumor mangers?” And everyone records their statements as large chunk of Nigerian history. And what, if the victim of these ‘gossips’ comes out public and live (not in a photoshop mode) and makes a national televised broadcast and tells Nigerians and world: “HERE I AM, WHO AM!” (END)

By Nathaniel I. NDIOKWERE


It can’t be a matter between Nnamdi Kanu, some Nigerian Talk-Show Hosts, presumed enemies of the government and BUHARI . No! The matter can’t be resolved by information ministers, LAI MOHAMMED, FEMI-ADESINA, the Cabal, enemies and friends of ‘One Nigeria!” Never! Any Nigerian who went to school and fails to participate in the discussion should be seen as an enemy of the nation and neighbors must distance themselves from such people. Any Nigerian in leadership position – political, traditional and religious, who keeps mute must examine his or her conscience.

As an individual, I will not be a party to any ‘conspiracy theory’. I will never join a party of ‘rumor mongers’ or be a supporter of an ‘impostor!’ If the ‘Talk-Show Hosts’ at last succeed in exposing the so-called ‘impostor’ then Nigeria will be the First Nation in history to indulge in such a dangerous experiment. It will be necessary to prove the Buhari/Jibril ‘theorists’ wrong, to be liars and deceitful people so that the ‘garbage’ they discuss should be thrown into a trash bin! True or false, every stuff will still be recorded and will after all become part of Nigerian history.


Many Nigerians, very large number of them are not on the social media and have not even heard what at the first sight looked like fake news, garbage, absurd, fraudulent, idiotic and bizarre information circulating about the president of Nigeria, a nation once regarded as the richest and most populous in Africa! There is no ELECTRICITY in Nigeria, and so no TV or RADIO functioning well. Some Nigerians can’t re-charge their phones! Many are not following the discussion.


What are these “informants” – not only NNAMDI KANU – but many well informed Nigerians talking about? Are these men and women crazy? Should they need a visit to psychiatric doctors? Who will tell Nigerians the raw truth? Simple Nigerians who have not even crossed the borders of their villages, visited Lagos or ABUJA need help, direction and correct information about a strange-circulating-news that touches the heart and future of their fatherland and generations of their children and children’s children.


What and why the tumult? Whose version of the story must the people accept? Surely only the truth will free all from evil. Most learned village Igbos of Nigeria speak in proverbs. They have a lot of aphorisms. One says; “So-so onye no mmadu nso na anu ishi onu ya” (Only the one closest to a person perceives his odor). Most Nigerians have not visited or spoken with our president, BUHARI, before and especially since he set foot on ASO ROCK. Many don’t know his height, weight or size, not even his age, level of education, the size of his right or left ear lobe!

Surely many have seen his photos and listened to his speeches on television and radio. But with the advent of what experts today refer to as “PHOTOSHOP” technology a lot of confusion has set in, not just in Nigeria, but all over the modern world! What is PHOTOSHOP? What are they talking about? If photoshop has anything to do with good and evil, many people may agree with me that about 180 million Nigerians, especially those that have reached the voting age should know what photoshop means!


However, I strongly believe that many ordinary people in the so-called developed nations have an idea of what PHOTOSHOP is all about. Yes! They do! Because a man can now suddenly become a woman and vice versa. They call it “TRANSGENDER”. If you are tired of being a woman you can be turned into man within a few hours in an operation theater. If you are a woman and have small breasts, (not succulent dancing types) and that natural order of things keeps you unhappy, tell the doctor-specialists, and they will fix or plant two, as big as footballs!

If you need CLOSED or GAP-TEETH or your entire teeth removed and replaced with most elegant ones, go to the dentist doctors The operation takes a few hours! If your buttocks are not big, doctor specialists can fix some for you, behind, the size of drums! The same thing with your ears, lips, nose, name them! If you are ebony black, they can turn you into a Caucasian. Bleaching creams can do the miracle! Wow! Everything seems to be possible today!


It is not easy to convince people in most contentious issues. Therefore all leaders and teachers must exercise patience with their people, students and followers. It was not easy even for JESUS THE LORD, the greatest teacher and leader the world has ever known! LISTEN! “Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it in my side. Do not doubt but believe.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me?” (John 20.27ff)


Hope everyone is following? In the Buhari/Jibril saga, the intervention of most Nigerian leaders is a must! They are the ones, the leaders – political, traditional, and religious – who are to direct and teach their large followers the living truth, the gospel of salvation which all religious and political institutions represent. In Nigeria, they include religious leaders like the Emirs (first in line LAMIDO SANUSI), Bishops, Priests, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) and CAN. The likes of Prophet TB JOSHUA and FR EJIKEME MBAKA should not be left out. All must address the issue. It has nothing to do with “meddling in politics”. It has to do with truth and the Gospel message of liberation from evil.


It seems the Nigerian and world press have disappointed Nigerians, East, West, North and South. They seem to have agreed with the president of the United States, Donald Trump that the press is ‘the enemy of the people’. Why are the Nigerian newspapers and newsmen mute? Why are the BBC people, CNN, ALJAZERA, REUTERS and other World News Services silent, too? How can everyone in Nigeria and these to be “fantastically corrupt?” What are you reporters and journalists in Nigeria doing?

Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend good time researching, preparing very important reports

Lastly, Why should BUHARI’S wife and family not come out and blaster and shame these ‘rumor mangers?” And everyone records their statements as large chunk of Nigerian history. And what, if the victim of these ‘gossips’ comes out public and live (not in a photoshop mode) and makes a national televised broadcast and tells Nigerians and world: “HERE I AM, WHO AM!” (END)


(Share, if this makes sense to you – 11/20/2018)


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